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Private Property Impound Services

As a property owner, a management company, a homeowner or a condo association, you have the right to manage the parking on your property. We understand that providing adequate parking to residents, visitors, patrons, and homeowners can alone be a difficult task. Vehicle owners who disregard parking regulations can only add to the parking problems that already exist on your property. Illegally parked and/or abandoned vehicles can cause an unsafe, cluttered parking area, creating an inconvenience to you and your resident or homeowners.

All of our parking enforcement work is done with the highest level of integrity. If you are currently having issues with abandonment of vehicles, abuse of the designated parking areas or an infringement of your established guidelines for parking within your property you may have them removed at the owners’ expense. We consistently provide timely, reliable, damage-free towing services. Arlington Wrecker has a proactive approach to the impound industry that will work for every property’s towing service needs. We will work closely with your property management team accessing the specific needs for each individual property.

We always report the vehicle being towed to local law enforcement. This policy ensures the vehicle is not stolen and also provides law enforcement with the tow company information. When the registered owner calls, they will be advised of the vehicle location.

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